Children's Hope Chest

We partner with Children’s Hope Chest in providing sponsorship to children in Addis Ketma (Ethiopia) which provides clothing, shelter, education and meals to children in need.

If you would like to sponsor a child from the Addis Ketma carepoint please visit



POPULATION: 82.8 Million

NUMBER OF ORPHANS: 4.6 million

The Challenge

Ethiopia is an eastern African country twice the size as Texas with a population estimated at 83 million people.  The people of this poverty stricken country are at high risk for infectious diseases and only 42.7% of adults are literate (CIA). Ethiopia is home to one of the largest populations of orphans in the world: 13% of children in Ethiopia are missing one or both parents. That’s 4.6 million orphans. (UNICEF)  HopeChest works with children living in unbelievable poverty. Many children live on the streets and find occasional care at churches and drop-in centers – places where they may or may not find the help they need.

The HopeChest Solution

In Ethiopia, HopeChest partners with existing orphanages and drop-in centers. The directors of these locations are passionate and motivated to assist, but they are not able to meet the needs of each individual child in their care due to defiant economy and lack of government funding. Currently, HopeChest works with orphanages and drop-in centers in the capital city, Addis Ababa. We are extending our ministry to cities to the south and to the north that are affected by extreme drought conditions.

The foundation of our work in Ethiopia is HopeChest’s sponsorship program, which will help with the children’s medical, physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.  We have an Ethiopian staff of local believers who mentor, build relationships, and look after the spiritual well being of the children in our program. They do this through weekly Bible studies, counseling sessions, life- skills programs, and letter writing to sponsors in the US with all of the children involved in our orphanages and drop-in centers.

HopeChest ministry in Ethiopia is growing. We are beginning to make a real impact at orphanages and drop-in centers in this country, but there are thousands of children that need support. We invite you to play a part in this exciting ministry and make a real and lasting difference for children who will benefit immediately from your support.

Ethiopia Data

  • Life expectancy at birth: 56 (UNICEF)
  • Total Adult Literacy Rate: 42.7% (CIA)
  • Primary School Attendance 45% (UNICEF)
  • 52% of children complete primary school (World Bank)
  • Orphans: 4.6 million (UNICEF)
  • Children orphaned by AIDS 800,000 (UNICEF)
  • Median age: 16.8 (UNICEF)